Our Premier Product-UNSECURED Revolving Lines of Credit, typically available from $100k to $150k for most borrowers. We also provide complete credit repair services and credit profile enhancement for those who have credit “boo-boos” of any type or quantity. This is a 5 year product which can become permanent after 5 years if you handle it correctly. We typically obtain five (5) times the amount of credit you can typically obtain by yourself, typically in a single day once you are ready for presentation to our banks. See more about our Explanation below.

Business Financing of all types- Bank Statement Loans, Full Doc Business Loans, Commercial Real Estate Financing. We access a wide variety of private and institutional sources to get you the best deal available in the market place.

Investment Real Estate Financing-

Single Family Residence “Fixer” loans for acquisition and rehab based on future value from both private and bank sources. Easy/Lite doc and Full Doc approach. We expect to have stated income loans soon!

Single Family Residence Investor Portfolio loans for long term hold—attractive pricing for investors from a local bank.

Single Family Residence owner occupant purchase loans- standard conforming loans, and not-so-standard longer term, higher rate loans from several more liberal sources.

Multifamily real estate loans– purchase and refinance loans available for any size apartment complex.

Residential Real Estate Home Loans. We refer to top flight residential mortgage loan officers for the best rates and terms for your personal residence acquisition or refinance.

Structuring and Disposition of Purchase Money Private Seller-Financed real estate loans;

We have decades of field experience to draw from when advising you on the best terms to offer your buyer—or your seller, if you are buying a property.  Safely sell to anyone on profitable financing terms! We can also resell that note you carried back –to a private investor, or borrow money against that note while you hold it.

Real Estate Note Investment. Or simply invest in a solid mortgage loan investment with a yield 10 to 15 times what your cash earns in the bank. Wonderful investment for private retirement plans (self-directed IRAs and 401(k)s. See Private Lending


Private Lending Complete Guide to Safely & Profitably Lending Your Money for High Returns in Real Estate


Expert Consultation

General Financial Matters including achieving financial independence, budget planning, wealth building, tax-deferred retirement programs and acquiring wealth by investing in residential real estate, both actively and passively. Tax minimization by using the best provisions of the IRS Code in conjunction with your tax preparer. Specific basic estate planning including provision of life insurance and tax free retirement programs.

Real Estate Consultation- “The Financial Termite Report”—Our creative problem solving of any issue you may be facing in acquisition, management, or disposition of your personal residence or investment real estate; Getting started on a shoestring to buy a house or investment property is our specialty, and building a large net worth from scratch; solving real estate financing problems, seizing good opportunities in your community. We inspect your financial foundations, find out if there is any damaged or rotten, and make specific recommendations on how to go about fixing it so that you prosper.

Credit Repair–We offer complete  “800 pound gorilla”-level credit repair—complete rebuilding of the most devastated credit file in about 60 days using effective techniques not available through most companies.

Real Estate Brokerage Services –nationwide- In cooperation with a local broker in your area, we will plan and monitor the ongoing activities of the local broker. We are an experienced and expert broker group, qualified to coach you and the broker. Selectively, in our local Dallas-Fort Worth area, we can list and sell or assist in property acquisition. We also are part of a network of wholesalers who offer “fixer” properties with a potential profit margin in them. We are licensed Texas real estate brokers with more than forty years of experience representing buyers and sellers in simple to creative and complex transactions.