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John L. Herrick, President

Horizon Financial Group

Consultant in Real Estate, Banking and Finance – Licensed Real Estate Broker
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Who is John Herrick, professionally speaking? John Herrick is the President of Horizon Financial Solutions.

Briefly, John went directly out of Rice University (BA) and graduate business school (MBA, Arizona State) into commercial banking, became a business loan officer at Union Bank of California. While there he fell in love with charming old houses, rehab and rental property, soon left the bank and went out on his own full time. Built and ran his own acquisition, construction and property management operations from zero, eventually specializing in the challenges of not-so-nice neighborhoods; did it both by himself and with partners over the years. Always had a parallel career in real estate and real estate financing; did his first private money RE loan in 1973, brokered loans to banks for many years. For due diligence on him, you can check his TX real estate broker’s license #604291 and TX insurance license #1779321. Gave up his CA RE broker’s license #414036  in 2013, first licensed there in1972, after 41 years without any blemishes on his record. You should be able to find him on Linked In.com, Facebook and at www.JohnLHerrick.com

John Herrick’s background in Low Down Payment and Creative Purchase and Sale Arrangements

John Herrick began his banking career with Union Bank after receiving a bachelor’s degree in Economics and French from Rice University and an MBA in Management from Arizona State University.  At Union Bank he was a credit analyst, manager of credit operations and a commercial loan officer. While at Union in Oakland, California, John became particularly interested in real estate finance and secured real estate transactions, took courses in creative finance and property management from UC extension, Albert J. Lowry’s Education Advancement Institute, and several of the San Francisco East Bay’s most skilled real estate practitioners. His love for creative deal making in real estate combined with a sincere desire to revitalize inner city property soon brought him to leave Union Bank and start his own real estate business in 1971. He was drawn to Oakland, Berkeley and Richmond, California’s not-so-nice neighborhoods to do his work.

Because he had no money of his own to start out on, he was forced to study creative finance techniques which would allow him to expand without using traditional down payments; because he often bought deteriorated properties, he had to learn how to finance improvements. The skills developed in acquiring rental properties and operating them were soon used to structure many sales to others using the same techniques.

John did his first low down payment sale in 1972 to a buyer who could not otherwise qualify, and drew satisfaction from helping someone into home ownership.  Since then he has continued to sell on special terms, both as a principal and as a licensed real estate broker.  He regularly uses lease/options, installment land contracts, and a host of sophisticated, specialized loan agreements to satisfy the needs of the buyer and the seller. Over 25 years ago he began creating tenant-in-common ownerships for first time buyers in small multifamily buildings.   He has bought, sold and brokered over a thousand mostly small properties, but has owned large complexes out of state, and has developed resort property in Mexico.

John remains committed to helping others help themselves into home ownership, both in English, Spanish and French. He continues breaking traditional financing rules at the right time for the right reasons, especially for fostering responsible home ownership and improving the urban environment.

Since the radical change in the real estate and mortgage markets, more borrowers at all income levels are unable to access traditional mortgage financing, and are seeking alternatives to achieve home ownership.

Happily, the current market conditions create a need for many sellers to consider seller financing of their properties as a viable alternative to waiting longer for an all cash sale to a fully credit-qualified buyer. This means an unprecedented uptick in the availability of seller financed properties. John stands ready to serve buyers and sellers in this growing market.

John is always happy to discuss his current creative finance/low down payment deal(s) in progress.