Quick Apply

Ready to apply? Here’s our easy Credit Line Process:

1.     Go to www.creditchecktotal.com. (owned by Experian)

2.     Have a credit card ready. You will be charged $1.00 for full 3 bureau credit report with 3 scores. “Soft” credit pull; not an inquiry, no effect on your scores.

3.     Print the entire report to a .pdf file. Pasting the report into Microsoft Word will also work. Keep a copy for yourself.

4.     Email report to JohnLHerrick@Gmail.com

5.     Separately or with the report, email me your:

a.     Social Security number

b.     User Name

c.      Password.

d.     Best you notify me by text as well (at 925-253-0808) when you send the email. If in addition you can text the user, password and social, I can speed up the processing even more.

6.     I will review and immediately forward to our processors and CEO.

7.     Within about 24-48 hours, I’ll get back to you with an estimate of what size unsecured line of credit we realistically can obtain for you.

8.      If you like our estimate, we proceed immediately. Funding takes place 5 to 10 days later.

Our source has been offering this product very successfully for over 18 years. Please do not doubt our ability to deliver. Our credit lines are based on very fast service and real world availability. We take clients on a no obligation/best efforts basis, projecting your estimated results based on an 18 year track record of quality service and actual results. The process is quick and very simple for the borrower.

 Please call my office, 214-521-0127 or direct to 925-253-0808 for an appointment to discuss your specific needs.